Any feedback would be appreciated!

November 15, 2008
by admin

Just leave it in comments on this post…

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  1.   admin Says:

    Comments on feedback would be appreciated too.

  2.   bnb06 Says:

    Could the i3ci logo on top of the left column link to the i3ci home?

  3.   admin Says:

    I agree that the logo should link to i3ci home, but that logo’s being there was Josiah’s magic — Josiah, can this be done?

  4.   admin Says:

    The logo itself was designed by Rebecca (my wife), BTW — might as well give her credit somewhere! -Lee

  5.   wjens Says:

    D’oh! Serious oversight on my part. Thanks. Fixed.

  6.   bnb06 Says:

    Also, there is a stray “|” at the bottom of the front page. I know that’s pretty nitpicky, but I can’t stop looking at it.

  7.   bnb06 Says:

    Ignore that previous post, it just disappeared.

  8.   wjens Says:

    No, I see it on the front page when I’m not logged in. I’ll check it out. I will also figure out what the other problems you reported to Lee are all about. That might explain why nobody is using the site! 🙂

  9.   fpc08 Says:

    It would be nice to display the author of the post so people can see who posted on a blog, rather than just showing the comments w/ usernames

  10.   wjens Says:

    Hm. I wonder if this is a theme-related thing? I can’t find it in the options. Maybe I’ll have to go dig in the actual code…

  11.   ihm08 Says:

    If there’s interest in moving this toward being not only a publicity but a development platform (which I think there should be), I’d be interested in seeing revision control included — my preference would be git. Projects like John Schank’s Anomos could mirror their repos here, while other projects could move towards code transparency by putting code up here first. Obviously, projects like GitHub exist for this purpose already, but a Hampshire-localized one would be cool too!

  12.   admin Says:


    (Oh and by the way anyone can look up a name from a login ID via…)

    Several others have expressed similar sentiments and the answer is that we’re already doing something like that, although I think we should try to figure out how to advertise it more clearly and visibly. Right now if you look on the “Facilities” page, accessible from the i3ci main page, you’ll see the line:

    “Version control repositories: We can create these for any project, using CVS or subversion or whatever you prefer. Contact Josiah (wjerikson at hampshire dot edu) for details or requests.”

    So this says (I think) that we do want to provide this kind of service, and that we are providing this kind of service on an as-requested basis. Do you think that’s sufficient? If not then what should we do in addition? And how should we make this more visible? I agree that it’s too hidden right now. I could work something about it into the introductory text, or maybe just pull it out of the “facilities” page and make a new “repositories” page? Maybe that could say not only that repositories can be created but have a unified list of all of the repositories that exist on our system?

    Thanks, -Lee

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