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Announcement: Welcome to i3ci at Hampshire College

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

About i3ci

i3ci is a link point and blogging location for Hampshire College project work involving significant or interesting use of computing. The goal is to help people get involved in projects and to provide a dynamic answer to the question “What cool things are people doing with computers at Hampshire?” Projects that already have other websites may just have i3ci blogs that list links to those other sites, while others may use their i3ci blogs as their main websites.

How to Use i3ci

See what others are doing by browsing the project blogs listed on the left. Be sure to check out the ”Pending Projects” blog, which exists to support discussion of ideas for projects that haven’t yet been launched; everyone can post to this blog just by logging in (use your Hampnet ID/password). Relevant resources are listed under “Pages.” You can set up a blog for your own project by clicking on “Create a new blog” at the bottom of this page (or click here) and then make an “announcement” post to your blog that describes what it is about. (You can make a post into an announcement, which always stays at the top of the blog, in the “Post Sticky Status” section of the “Write Post” screen. Note: before doing this you must go to Site Admin/Plugins and enable the WP-Sticky plugin for your blog.) Customize your new blog and add content by clicking on “Site Admin.” Comment on another blog or lend a hand on another project. Ask questions. Make suggestions for improving i3ci. Etc. i3ci is administered by Lee Spector and Josiah Erikson.

Create a new blog.

Site upgrade to latest version of WordPress

Monday, November 7th, 2011

I (Josiah in this case) finally got around to upgrading i3ci to the latest version of WordPress. It was way easy and I should have done it a very long time ago. Please let me know if you see any issues. Or just comment on this post. I also activated Akismet system-wide, which should really help with the spam moderation issues Lee and I have been having.

Computing Alumni blog

Friday, December 17th, 2010

The new “computing alumni” blog is for alumni who either worked with computing at Hampshire or are now working in computing-related fields. The intent is to provide a space for the alumni to network with each other and also with current students (e.g. maybe for connecting students to internships etc.). Everybody can read it, but I have to give alumni author privileges on an individual basis. If you know of anyone who should be given author privileges and invited to participate then please drop a line to

Site problems fixed (mostly)

Friday, December 17th, 2010

The i3ci site had an elusive bug for the last several months but we’ve gotten a handle on it, fixed the problems (mostly), and begun to do some new things.

The bug manifested as blogs giving “not found” errors when there really was content, and we’ve traced it to a setting of the “wp-sticky” plugin (which lets you make posts “sticky” to stay at the top of the blog). We’ve fixed most of the blogs, although there are a few that are recalcitrant. In those few cases I don’t know if the authors removed content or changed other settings… If you see that a blog of yours is misbehaving then please drop me a line.

In other news we hope to update to the new version of WordPress soon, which should increase stability and I think also add some new features.
-Lee (

Code in comments

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

From Evan Shelhamer: “Any logged in user can now post code in comments by wrapping it in <pre>code here</pre>. Indentation, line breaks, and special symbols are all preserved. This isn’t the perfect solution but should work 99% of the time. The only possible problem is someone posting a really long single line of code that goes off the page (since lines are never broken inside <pre>).”

Thanks Evan!

Recent improvements

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

FYI as usage has ramped up this semester we’ve been fixing/improving a couple of things, most recently making it possible to upload arbitrary files via the “Add Media” button in the message composition interface. We did that to allow you to post code or source archives, etc. Thanks to Josiah and also UMass student and WordPress guru Evan Shelhamer for helping with all of this. I know there’s a lot more we could do to make i3ci more useful so please keep comments coming.


Any feedback would be appreciated!

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Just leave it in comments on this post…